Just English was founded in September 2002. Just English is a good resource for English subject. There are many products and services available in 'just english' website.

Available Products
# Just English Centre

* Curriculum
* Active Learning Platform
* Staff & Teacher Training
* Assessment & Certification
* Quality Assurance
* Software

# Books, Magazines & Resources

* Just English Magazine
* Just English Explorer
* UEC Preparation
* Literature for Secondary Schools

# Teacher Training

* English Language Teaching Workshops
* TESOL Certificate

# Others

* Training Facilitie

I think, as a teacher I always encouraged my students to read 'JUST ENGLISH MAGAZINE'. It is a good resource to build students knowledge and to improve students vocabulary. Other than that, just English website also provide a group of English Literature for secondary school. It is good for them to gain more knowledge other than studying through book. Students can make 'just English' website as one of their reference for English subject. For more information, you can surf http://www.justenglish.com

Resource : http://www.justenglish.com (website)