Hello and welcome to 'good morning, teacher' blog....Now, we are in year 2009! How was 2008? Have you achieved your target or goal? For those who got best result with flying colors in their PMR Examination, i would like to say 'CONGRATULATIONS'...and welcome to form four. How did you feel since the first day school began? I believe that you have meet new friends and new teachers. And some students has apply to further their studies to other school. Anyway, have a nice and enjoy school session. For form four students, this is the time for them to choose which class they should be. May be you prefer to join science class. So, you have to decide by your own decision. Remember, 'The Road Not Taken'. Your decision is relate with your life. Do the right things and make a best decision. For form one students, this is the time for them to know what is 'Secondary School' and how's the learning and teaching process will be held in class.....They also will becaome a teenager one day. For form three and form five students, they have to study hard for their examination this coming October and November. And for teachers, I am very sure that they also have set their target in order to increase students performance. Have a nice job, teachers! I wish you luck in everything. Be a marvelous person.....See you next time.